Yogic Healing – It is a natural cure for several health disorders.

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The history of Yogic Healing in India dates back thousands of years. The yogis used to cure people suffering from various kinds of ailments by invoking divine energies through the practise of Ashtang Yog or Eight – Limbed Yog.

Yogic healing operates in three simple steps:

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1] Activation of the seven chakras or centres of spiritual energy in the human body.

2] Total elimination of the malady.

3] Healing including regeneration of the body’s cells.

Thus, yogis used to heal in the most natural way, and usually the cure was permanent.

Rajyog Spiritual Healing Centre is a place that offers Yogic Healing for modern times. The method involves healing the mind, body ,soul and the aura around a person. The centre is managed by Chandrashekhar Patil, who has mastered the art of Spiritual Healing through years of practise and experience.

Chandrashekhar Patil, who practised deep, esoteric meditation for more than 30 years, acquired divine powers which he decided to use for healing of humanity. Consequently, in 2001 , he founded the Rajyog Spiritual Healing Centre. At the centre, patients from India and abroad , suffering from arthritis, asthma, kneecap problems, non-healing ulcers, heart diseases , skin diseases like psoriasis have been successfully healed. Even patients with psychological disorders like schizophrenia, depression and anxiety have become normal again.

What makes Rajyog Spiritual Healing Centre different is that the healing done here is through a spiritual approach. At the centre, not only do patients get healed from a disease, but they also look forward to leading a happy and contented life, thereafter.

Whether the suffering is physiological or psychological , Rajyog Spiritual Healing Centre treats it all with the Yogic Healing Method. The philosophy of the centre is that when our body is in spiritual equilibrium with itself and the environment, we tend to be both physically and mentally fit. Any disruption in this equilibrium leads to bodily stress, or physical or psychological disorders and diseases.

The body’s equilibrium resonates from seven core points in the body, known as chakras. These chakras become dormant or inactive, slowing down bodily functions and the combatant characteristics of our body. Spiritual Yogic Healing helps in activating these chakras and cleaning of the aura, ensuring the proper flow of energy through the body.

Rajyog Spiritual Healing Centre also conducts Spiritual Healing Workshops to impart the science of Yogic Healing to future healers. The workshops focus on spiritual concepts like aura, chakras, yog kriya, yog nidra, etc. Learners are also taught how to heal themselves. The workshop includes intensive meditation, cleaning of aura, activation of chakras, relaxing  an individual’s mind, body and soul with divine energies.

By: Chandrashekhar Patil

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Chandrashekhar Patil

Mr. Chandrashekhar Patil is a Spiritual Healer and a Spiritual Astrologer. He has beenmeditating for more than thirty years. Keenly interested in spirituality since childhood, he practiced Ashtang Yog and attained divine spiritual powers. The divine spiritual energies that he uses are his own spiritual achievement which he uses in the science of Yogic Healing.
While Mr. Patil has no living guru, his only guru is Shri Swami Samarth Maharaj of Akkalkot. Besides this as a Spiritual Astrologer Mr Chandrashekhar Patil guides people about their lives
using the science of Spiritual Astrology, which includes the use of vision, intuition, as well as analysis of the body vibrations, aura, skin texture and complexion along with study of horoscope and Palmistry.
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