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Yoga isn’t just a workout. It’s a means which can enhance your experience of your life as a whole. A Pandora’s box of tips, tools, exercises, nourishment for your mind, body and soul…yoga has it all!

So how does yoga do that?

A Pandora’s box of tips, tools, exercises, nourishment for your mind, body and soul…yoga has it all!

  1. Unbeatable means of workout

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The set of asanas described in yoga are comprehensive for a great workout to suit everyone and all purposes. The asanas can be styled to suit all ages, fitness levels or place. They can be used for enhance your fitness levels, for general wellness, therapy or restorative purposes. Whether you want to up your athletic abilities, dancing abilities, want a 15 minute easy daily workout or want to recover faster from a recent illness, you can simply rely on yoga.

  1. Powerful detox

Yoga’s famous set of Shatkriyas (six cleansing techniques) are powerful techniques for cleansing the body systems and even psyche.  The pranayamas play a vital part for this as well.

  1. Sharpen the mind

Yoga goes deep, really deep in this science. The various techniques offered can address all purposes of therapy, healing, spiritual evolution, enhancement of focus, management of the mind and more. Some of the techniques like Yoga Nidra, Trataka are commonly known for deep relaxation, developing mindfulness, enhancing concentration and will power etc.

  1. Connect with your higher self

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Raja Yoga is a means of connecting with your higher self – a higher intelligence, the universe, the field and known by many other names. This is the Self we ask for guidance and help when we pray, when we’re in trouble, in pain or distress. What if we could stay connected 24 x 7?

Some of the results:

  • A fitter and good looking body
  • An agile, calmer, creative and efficient mind
  • Riddance from diseases and allergies
  • Enhanced immune system
  • Ability and confidence to face challenges more smoothly
  • Connect with your higher purpose and see life from a broader perspective
  • A happier, healthier, fitter you

So whatever challenges you’re faced with, just yoga them down and get introduced to a shiny new you! Yoga has surely earned its well deserved popularity.

Cheers and stay connected for more.

By: Ruchi Phool

About Ruchi

After working for more than a decade in IT across continents, Ruchi decided to follow her heart and took the path of healing and Self discovery in 2010. Always interested in ‘reality’, she discovered yoga and allied healing methods were her calling. Her aim is to use these traditional sciences in alliance with modern techniques and medical research to help bring relief from modern-day health & lifestyle disorders and to empower all to remain happy and healthy. Ruchi has a Diploma in Yoga Vidya, Diploma in Naturopathy and Yoga and Laughter Yoga Teacher Certification. Her skills include Hatha Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Laughter Yoga, Diet & Nutrition, Shuddhi Prakriyas (Cleaning of Mind, Body, Psyche), Pranayama and various Mindfulness, Meditation & Relaxation techniques.

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