The incredible power of Super Conscious Mind

AK Mishra
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1.Our Mind

Human mind, which is the most powerful tool endowed by the almighty to every human being to reach their full potential and to create anything one desires in life. Moreover, it is human mind which has the caliber to do all the inventions, discoveries and most importantly makes one able to consciously live, communicate, love, hate, think and so forth.

2.Divisions of mind

Human Mind is comprised of not three but four divisions; the conscious, the sub conscious, the unconscious and most importantly the universal mind, the tool to connect with God; The Super conscious mind.

3. Conscious mind

Conscious mind is your awareness at the present moment; it is what most people associate with what you are. You conscious mind communicates with the outer world through pictures, words, emotions, physical movement and convey messages to the inner self through communication, thoughts, emotions. The conscious mind involves all of the things that you are currently aware of and thinking about. It is somewhat akin to short-term memory and is limited in terms of capacity. Your awareness of yourself and the world around you are part of your consciousness.

4. Subconscious mind

The subconscious mind includes things that we might not be presently aware of but that we can pull into conscious awareness when required. Subconscious mind stores everything whatever conscious mind experience. It also holds your current programs that you run every day, such as your current recurring thoughts, behavior patterns, habits & feelings. It stores all your past experiences that can be recalled by conscious efforts. your experiences in turns form your belief, habits, likes or dislikes and behavior. Your ambitions, desires for future are also stored in your subconscious mind.

5. Unconscious Mind

Unconscious mind is very similar to subconscious mind as it also deals with memory. But the major difference between the two is our unconscious minds stores even those past memories of our life which we cannot consciously recall. It is the storehouse of all your deep seated emotions that have been programmed since birth. In simple terms, the unconscious is the storage place for all our memories that have been repressed or which we don’t wish to recall. A traumatic event in our childhood that has been blocked out is an example, but it doesn’t have to be as serious as this.

6. Unconscious Mind

It could be something very distant like what you had for lunch on your first day of school or what the name was of the childhood friend you played with a couple of times. It’s a memory that we can’t pull out at our choosing. It’s there, but we can’t remember it no matter how hard we try. Certain psychoanalytical methods can bring back these memories (such as hypnosis) or it can be triggered by a particular event (a scene, a familiar place etc.). Whereas, the memories which are stored in our subconscious mind are something we can choose to remember.

7. Power of Subconscious Mind

Your subconscious mind is much more powerful than your conscious mind. Most of your decisions, actions, emotions and behavior depend on the 95 percent of brain activity that is beyond your conscious awareness, which means that 95 to 99 percent of your life comes from the programming in your subconscious mind. When you aren’t conscious aware of your thoughts or behavior, your subconscious is operating outside your awareness. So your life is a reflection of the programs in your mind, and your primary programming that shaped your life was formed by age seven.

8. How to manifest a better transformation in your life through your mind

Your subconscious mind responds to your thoughts. When you worry or are in a fearful state, your subconscious mind will respond. To lessen the power of becoming attached emotionally to your thoughts, you must become the observer of your thoughts. When you can notice what you’re thinking (if it’s a negative thought), you can decide not to believe your thought and it will no longer have the power over you.

9. How to reprogram your Subconscious mind

In order to shape a beautiful life, one must be aware of their subconscious mind, the thoughts which directly communicated to the conscious mind, hence our mind starts behaving and transforming the way our subconscious mind thinks or perceives. Here given below the following ways that helps reprogram your subconscious mind

10. Step 1:

Practice thinking different thoughts

If your subconscious mind operates out of habitual ways of thinking about and reacting to experiences based on your life experiences, and these patterns of thinking (lack and scarcity) no longer serve you, practice thinking well feeling thoughts.

11. Step 2:

Make powerful declarations of things you want in your life

Focus on what you desire for your life. Say it in the positive, and repeat it to yourself as often during the day as you can. For example if you want to find an ideal partner, say, “I am happily living with my ideal partner.” If you want more money, say, “I am attracting abundance in my life”, if you want to start a business, say, “I am happily working in my ideal business.” When you declare what you want, you’re making a promise to yourself and your subconscious mind will create this in your life.

12. Step 3:

Ask for divine guidance just before you go to bed at night.

If you have an issue or problem in your life that you want to solve, ask for guidance. When your brain is in the relaxed alpha state just before you go to bed or after yoga or meditation, this is the best time to enlist your subconscious mind to help you solve this problem. Any time I do this and wake up “knowing” the answer, I immediately follow this guidance and it has always guided me to what I need to know.

13. Super conscious mind

While the conscious and subconscious aspects of our mind are closely aligned with our physical shell or body, the super conscious mind is super physical. In other words it exists at a level extending beyond our space time continuum. It can be likened to the internet, which enables us to connect to every other computer in the world and the people using those computers. However with the super conscious connection we do not need any other technology than what we are born with. Through super conscious it is possible for us to connect to every other mind on the planet.

14. Connecting to Super conscious Mind

However connecting to our super conscious opens up much wider doorways than just linking to other minds. It is also that aspect of our being that exists before we were born and survives our death – some also call this aspect the higher self.

15. Why every human being must unleash their power of super conscious mind

By progressing into the future we can gain insight into aspects of ourselves that we need to develop to become more balanced and effective in our lives. By making adjustments in the ways we think, feel and behave we can create a much more positive future for ourselves and others.

16. How one can reach to the potential of super conscious mind

Whatever limitations you are experiencing are strictly due to the limiting beliefs you hold in your subconscious mind. The way to overcome them is by aligning your conscious and subconscious minds with the super conscious mind. You do this by being willing to let go of your own beliefs about yourself and the world around you and opening yourself to the information, the power and the love flowing into “your center of consciousness” directly from the super conscious mind.

17. How one can reach to the potential of Super conscious Mind

In spiritual literature this is often referred to as surrendering to God, it is just another way of saying “allowing” or “opening” yourself up to the flow of boundless resources, knowledge and power which are available to you. And this state of mind can be achieved through meditation, by spending quality of time in solitude and listening to the voice of inner soul and heart.

By: AK Mishra

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