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All humans are born unique. Well, some of us are more unique than others. If you’re wondering why everyone in the world is jumping on to the meditation bandwagon, here are a few reasons on why to try it out yourself.

  1. You’re looking for some real adventure, in and beyond the three dimensions, go for it
  2. You want to know yourself
  3. You are a lover of truth
  4. You want to know what love is actually
  5. You want to find out all your hidden potential
  6. You want more time to do more in your life
  7. You want to know why to meditate
  8. You want to know what sitting for one hour feels like (or if you can actually do it)
  9. You want to experience life to its fullest
  10. You want to hear, see, feel stuff like you’ve never done before!
  11. You want to hear your heart and talk with your heart
  12. You want to know where the sci-fi writers get their ideas from
  13. You want to know who you really are and where you came from

Real beauty is not what your eyes can behold but what the heart can hold. What we see with our eyes will vanish someday. But what we store in our heart will forever stay. ~Unknown

One great way is the Heartfulness way, whether you want to start out simply or go the long way. Check out

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Happy Meditating!

By: Ruchi Phool

About Ruchi

After working for more than a decade in IT across continents, Ruchi decided to follow her heart and took the path of healing and Self discovery in 2010. Always interested in ‘reality’, she discovered yoga and allied healing methods were her calling. Her aim is to use these traditional sciences in alliance with modern techniques and medical research to help bring relief from modern-day health & lifestyle disorders and to empower all to remain happy and healthy. Ruchi has a Diploma in Yoga Vidya, Diploma in Naturopathy and Yoga and Laughter Yoga Teacher Certification. Her skills include Hatha Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Laughter Yoga, Diet & Nutrition, Shuddhi Prakriyas (Cleaning of Mind, Body, Psyche), Pranayama and various Mindfulness, Meditation & Relaxation techniques.

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